{eBook} 6 Often Overlooked (and Troublesome) US Tax Obligations for Expats

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Moving to the United States to take a new position with new possibilities should be a reason for excitement and celebration, but may also be a time of uncertainty.

Amidst the excitement, there will be challenges including the need to deal with US tax consequences, compliance and reporting requirements, and various responsibilities you’ll have based on your residency status.

At Moore Doeren Mayhew we’ve identified what we consider to be six critical US tax situations or obligations that tend to be misunderstood, ignored, or treated incorrectly leading to a slew of unwelcome surprises and onerous consequences.

These include:

  • Lack of awareness of your residency status in the US and how that status affects your US tax obligations
  • US taxation of your retirement plan in your home country
  • Awareness of the scope and consequences of the US exit tax when you permanently leave the US
  • How real estate you own in the US for investment purposes is taxed
  • US taxation consequences that occur with mortgage transactions in your home country
  • US taxation on income earned from a company you own overseas

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