{Webinar Recording} CARES Act: US Federal Tax Legislative Changes and the Potential Impact on International Businesses

Our July 2020 webinar covered the key tax policy changes enacted in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and discussed the actions businesses should be taking now in order to capture the economic benefit associated with these reliefs. The CARES Act is not a “one size fits all” legislative effort.

Consequently, the opportunities presented by this legislative package vary depending on a number of factors. Well advised businesses, as well as investors holding an interest in these types of businesses, should be taking a hard look at these legislative changes and ensure that every opportunity has been considered.

Key topics discussed were:

  • Filing and payment deadline extensions;
  • Net operating loss carryback opportunities;
  • Changes to the business interest deduction limitation, and
  • Grants, credits and stimulus relief such as:
    • Employee retention credit;
    • Paid leave for workers; and
    • Tax credits for small and mid-size businesses

The scale and scope of this legislation is broad and sweeping and is intended to give taxpayers every opportunity to ensure that their businesses are well positioned to meet the challenges this pandemic has put before them.


  • Kenneth Bransom, Zurich and London
  • James Miesowicz, Detroit
  • Matthew Hitchcock, Zurich

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