{Webinar Recording} Understanding Your Client's US Tax Return

We understand the US filings are complicated and want to break these down to their simplest form for advisers in foreign jurisdictions.

The webinar will cover the filing process and give a high-level overview of what an international client’s obligations are. We will also detail the associated penalties for failing to meet these requirements. After the webinar, attendees should be able to look at US filings and understand more about their client’s financial world as well as determine their US tax liability.
Key topics to be discussed will include:

  • Filing and payment deadlines
  • Penalties and interest exposure
  • Where to find the tax credits and what’s not creditable
  • Tax schedules and additional filings
  • State filings
  • IRS notices


Steven Wedge, Detroit
Gus Sinclair, London


Originally recorded Feb. 17, 2021